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  • Acoustic Guitar
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Customer Testimonials


I absolutely love Spokane Guitar Lessons. My son has been taking lessons here for three years now and the improvements he has made over the years are outstanding. We will be signing my daughter up in a couple of months for her birthday. Highly recommended!

Beverly H.


I never thought I would be someone who could ever learn to play guitar. I’m only a few months into my lessons and have enough confidence to play for my friends. My teacher has been patient with some of my struggles and always gives me the encouragement I need to keep learning. Thank you so much.

Riley P.


I came to Spokane guitar lessons with a few years of guitar playing experience under my belt. I hit this plateau in my learning that I just couldn’t seem to push past. My teacher at guitar lessons Spokane teacher and I really hit it off just from the first lesson. I was amazed at what he could do and what he has been able to teach me. I should have gotten lessons years ago. What a mistake!

Joseph R.

Guitar Lessons Spokane

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